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We are a service-community program under AIAS, a national organization that bridges the gap between education and profession in the AEC industry.

On September 2017, The Toronto Met Freedom By Design team was formed to use our skills and give back to our community in Toronto, while providing an experiential learning experience to all students.

To succeed we must work WITH the community, not FOR the community.

Yellow Paper

The FBD Values

The program embraces efforts to provide both 

design-build and engagement solutions to address 5 barriers:






Meet The Team

Picture of Kathleen Crisol

Kathleen Crisol


Picture of Marwa Al-Saqqar

Marwa Al-saqqar

Co-Director; FBDAC Liason

Picture of Jialing Li

Jialing Li

Public Relations

Picture of Kate Sanchez

Kate Sanchez

Public Relations

Picture of Andrea Bancod

Andrea Bancod

Project Manager - Milky Way Garden

Picture of Annette Chan

annette chan

Project Manager - CSPS Column

Picture of Jayda Brown

jayda brown

Project Manager - COVID19 Relief

Picture of Alyssa Verdan

Alyssa Verdan

Project Manager - COVID19 Relief

325 Church Street, Toronto ON

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