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UMasked Kit Design - Competition

The pandemic (COVID-19) has altered our everyday lives substantially, and provided uncertainty both short term and long term for many neighbouring and healthcare communities throughout the GTA and Canada. The phenomenon has created shortages of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This relief-design competition welcomes students to produce a design that can improve the lives of people within Canada and help to flatten the curve and the spread of the virus. This competition challenges students to design feasible kits where appropriate crafting tools, materials, and non-medical masks can be stored to easily distribute to the community.


Kits need to be easily assembled and fabricated by community members and volunteers. The winning kit design will be distributed to community members and registered participants for personal use or to be delivered to partnered healthcare centres and small organizations. 


Through the competition, participants will delve into product development and manufacturing that is important to the design field. Participants will have the opportunity to get featured on our Instagram (@fbdryerson) and website with the following hashtag #UMasked2021.

Location: Virtual

Status: Ongoing

UMasked Kit Design Competition


DUE:  Wednesday - May 12th

11:59p.m. ET / 8:59p.m. PT

UMasked Kit Design Competition


DUE:  Saturday - May 15th

11:59p.m. ET / 8:59p.m. PT




Project Managers:

Jayda Brown

Design Team: 

TBD (the winning proposal!)

UMasked Resource Package
UMasked Info

package content


The materiality and fabrication of the box is a part of a larger total which includes the print of documents and mask materials


The maximum budget of everything in one package will amount to CAD$10 (this includes: box materiality + fabrication, mask making content, and delivery)

  • Innovative design of packaging

  • User-friendly

  • Easy to assemble and deliver

  • Sustainably fabricated

  • Can be reused

  • Budget friendly

targeted budget


UMasked Submission Requirements

For all boxes:

  • Fabric swatches (size: TBD)

  • String

  • Antimicrobial coating

  • Ear savers (optional)

  • Vinyl (optional)

  • Pins (i.e. alligator clips/binder clips)

  • Chalk

  • Small ruler/straight edge (for folding)

  • Text Information*

    • Instruction pamphlet

    • Thank you card

    • Care instructions

    • Donation instructions

Option 1 : Sewn (intermediate) 

  • Thread, needles, thimble

  • Metal strip (for nose placement)

  • String adjusters

  • Filter interlayer

  • Fabric stencil

Option 2: Sewn (beginner)

  • Fabric stencil

*Note: the implementation of the pamphlets, cards, and instructions are designed by you. If you have a creative way of including it into the kit, then go for it. Otherwise, it will be expected that they are printed/in paper

Image by Mildlee







Box sizes

  • The toolkit box will be the shipping package itself

  • When deciding on a size, take into account delivery capability (in additions to what will go in it)

  • Look into what size boxes some of the shipping services sell (i.e. Canada Post, UPS, Puralator, etc)

Thank you Notes + Information/Instructions Booklet

  • Can be creative in how they are incorporated with the box (i.e. can be a part of the box, on the box, embedded, etc)

  • You have freedom in how they look, we will provide the text and information to include once chosen.

Budget + fabrication/material sourcing

  • Create a budget of how much it would cost to fabricate one box (get that breakdown from fabricating a total of 50 boxes together)

  • Would be beneficial to know the sourcing of materials used to fabricate the box

Use of repurposed materials (to look into)

  • Find a way to get materials that would otherwise have been disposed of

  • For example, using shoe boxes as the foundation for the packages, etc

Ability to reuse

  • Being able to use the box multiple times would be beneficial

Overall: Innovation and creativity

  • How the mask-making items and documents are incorporated in a visually pleasing, sustainably fabricated package that can be easily shipped as-is and reused for future mask-making toolkits

what you need to submit

  • 11x17” Submission Booklet (PDF) showcasing the design of the:

    • Box (toolkit package designed to include the listed above)

    • Incorporation/design of the ‘thank you notes’ and ‘information/instruction booklet’ with the box.

  • Graphics:

    • Axonometric of design

    • Appropriate graphics to showcase :

      • Unassembled package

      • Assembled package

      • Steps to assemble the box

      • Any extra graphics/text to showcase your design

  • Budget + resources on how to fabricate

instructions: mask-making

Option 1: Sewn (intermediate)

Option 2: Sewn (beginner)

Option 3: No-Sew

  • Video

  • hand wash cold only + can’t be donated

UMased Additional Resources

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